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Calling for input on a multi-lingual Global Education Digest.

In March this year, ANGEL published the 2018 edition of the 'Global Education Digest' - a bibliography of recently published academic and research material relevant to the field of global education. 

In the Introduction of this publication, Douglas Bourn and Massimiliano Tarozzi, Co-Directors of the Development Education Research Centre (who compiled the Digest), spoke prominently about the limitations of the Digest remaining an English language only publication:

"The decision to focus on English language publications is due not only to the DERC’s location in the UK and our familiarity with that literature, but because international academic literature tend to use this as a lingua franca for the academic community. We are however conscious of the
limitation of this choice, especially for a topic like GE which is global by definition. We are also aware of the potential risks of adopting a north-centered perspective, if not a colonial one. The risk of ignoring important contributions coming from non-English speaking countries is illustrated by an analysis of the origin of GE-related publications according to the Scopus database... it is evident... that more than half of all publications on GE in the last ten years come from English speaking countries."

Therefore, with the support ANGEL members, we are now launching a drive for a broad multilingual Digest taking in (initially) the 6 languages in which most GE-related publications are published: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

As a member, can you help us?

How to participate.

  • Send us information on publications similar to the Digest, as well as suggestions about how connections between them might be built.
  • Volunteer to help compile information about material published in your language.

Please contact the ANGEL secretary at ASAP.

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